Light Pink Smokey Eye Look!!!

Hello Pretty Faces! Here is another look for you all:) I used my new Avon True Color 8-in-1 eyeshadow palette. It has mostly cool tone colors, which I normally don’t gravitate towards, but I think the end result turned out alright. This palette is a good palette for the price. I only paid $4 or $5 for it so I can’t complain lol. The colors were actually surprisingly pigmented. Most cool tone eyeshadows don’t show up on me that well anyway (my skin tone), so I usually have to put on about three coats or a good base that will allow the true colors to show:) But with that said, I do recommend this palette. The staying power was fantastic, but keep in mind I have very, very dry skin and shadows don’t tend to crease or fade on me at all. I hope you enjoy the look and I will see you in my next post!!! Have a great weekend:)




Purple & Pumpkin Spice/ YouTube Video!!!

Hello Pretty Faces!!! I have my second makeup tutorial on YouTube, and lets just say natural lighting is brutal:) Someone please give me a diva light ring ASAP lol!!! But with all that said, I think the eyeshadows came out looking very well and I was actually pleased with the entire look:) It is a look I posted here on my blog a while back, so if you would like to see it in it’s full non-natural light beautiful glory, then please scroll down…really scroll down, I urge you to do so lol!!!  That way you can see what I see when I look in the mirror. Man I tell ya that natural lighting is no friend of mine:) but for being in my mid to late 30’s (we won’t disclose exactly how old Haha) I think I look pretty dam good:) Well, I think that’s enough rambling Pretty Faces, I hope you enjoy the tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it. Until next time… Have a great weekend!!!! Please Don’t Forget To Watch In HD (1080p).

Rainy Day…Go with Grey!!!

So it’s been raining pretty much all this week, but especially today. The clouds were in full force it was dark, grey and gloomy and the sun was nowhere to be found:) I guess that trickled into my mood and therefore trickled into my makeup look lol!!! So today’s look is all about grey, silver, and taupe colors. Hopefully, the sun will show it’s bright face tomorrow and in turn give me a bright smiley face as well:) Hope you enjoy this look Pretty Faces!!!

Products: I only used one palette for this look, the NYX Dream Catcher Palette (photos below).

Rainy Day 1Rainy Day 2Rainy Day 3Rainy Day 4

Long Time No See!!! | My First YouTube Video

Hello Pretty Faces!!! I have been away for quite some time now, but I am back with my first makeup tutorial video. It is filmed on a green eye look I posted a while back. I wasn’t really that excited about how I did and looked in the video (insecurities are a pain), but we all have to start somewhere and I didn’t want the footage to go to waste. My editing skills need a great deal of work, but I’m learning lol!!! (PLEASE MAKE SURE TO WATCH IN HD!) Hope you enjoy Pretty Faces and have a wonderful weekend:)

Golden Peach & Vanilla Cream!!!

Hello Pretty Faces!!! I have yet another spring look for you today inspired by food. Yes, to be completely honest, I was pretty hungry at the time of creating this look and I was mostly thinking about peach sherbert and vanilla ice cream:) So I basically gravitated towards those particular colors when doing this look. It’s so interesting how your mood or what you are thinking at the time can directly apply to what you wear or in this case how your makeup looks (well that happens for me anyway, I don’t know about you guys)!!! Hope you enjoy:)

P.S. All eyeshadows were used from the Too Faced A La Mode palette.


Bronzed Goddess!!!

Well, I am by no means a Bronzed Goddess, but I thought the name was very catchy lol! Today’s look is all about bronzing. I really don’t bronze, because I feel like I’m already bronzed:), if that makes any sense (hence my skin tone), but I do like to use bronzer for blush, eyeshadow, and to add slight color to my temples and nose. So I guess you could say I do a slight bronze!!! Anyway, this look was inspired by Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Deluxe Edition. As I walking down the makeup aisle at Walmart, yes I know dare I say it I shop for most of my drug store makeup at Walmart (their beauty products are significantly cheaper than Ulta and Target), this golden shimmery bronzer caught my attention. I stopped right in my tracks to look and see what this beautiful glowy package had to offer, and yes because I love all things that shimmer and glow I had to buy it. I must say this bronzer does everything it claims. It gave my skin a perfecting airbrushed glow, that was streak free, stain free, had no orange coloration, and odor free. I could not stop looking at my glow all day. I absolutely love this bronzer and will definitely be re-purchasing this product. If you are in the market for a reasonably priced bronzer that will also give you a lovely glow, then I highly suggest looking into this bronzer. Here is my look using the product. Hope you enjoy Pretty Faces!!!


Wild Madagascar Vanilla!!!

Today’s look was inspired by one of my favorite scents from Bath and Body Works!!! Yes, just as the title says, Wild Madagascar Vanilla:) I just love the fusion of vanilla, jasmine, pear, and sandalwood scents; Ahhh, I could just smell it all day lol:) Here is the look Pretty Faces; hope you all like it!!!