Super Easy Fall Makeup Tutorial| Copper Smokey Eye!!!

Hello Pretty Faces, Yes it has been a long time since my last post:) I have been swamped with work from my new job, but hopefully this will allow me to put more money into my passion, which is doing makeup looks and reviews as well as fashion. It has been quite challenging to do this blog and my YouTube channel without the proper funds. The world of blogging and YouTube have set the standards so high that to start out as a newbie now a days you have to have all the latest technology. Such as, cameras, studio lighting, editing systems and in addition to that you need all the latest makeup and fashion just to get somewhat noticed. So I have been MIA for while. I don’t think a lot people realize how much work goes into making blog post and YouTube videos. It can be very time consuming with very little pay back. I have mad props for those who do it everyday and do it well!!!

With all that said, I will now get back to what my post is really about lol:) I created a fall look using only three colors from one of all time favorite palettes, the Too Faced A La Mode St. Tropez. I tend to lean towards really simple but yet still eye popping looks!!! I hope you enjoy this video, if you do then I would love for you to be a part of my YT family, so PLEASE SUBCSRIBE:) Thank you in advance if you do watch and Have a Great Day!!!


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