All About The Red Lip|W/Coordinating YouTube Video!!!

Well we meet again Pretty Faces:) I must say this blog and the YouTube business can be truly frustrating. It’s a lot of work that goes into the process, with very little pay off:( Well for me anyway lol. But I’m going keep it going and give it my best. Today’s post is all about finding the right red lipstick or lip gloss for your skin tone. I myself have had a difficult time with this in the past. Nudes and Reds, seem to be the hardest:) I go into much more detail in my video, but to just kinda sum it up, it really boils down to if you have warm or cool skin tones; and then going a step further to find out what your skin undertone is, yellow, red, and blue are just a few examples. I explain how this can be done in the video, so definitely check it out. I am warm tone, and have picked some red lipsticks and glosses to share that I have found fit me well. They range from light orange reds to pink reds to reds with brown undertones. I have photos of all the colors below. They don’t come out as well in picture as they do in person. So make sure to watch the video for a better look see:) I hope you enjoy the video. Don’t forget to watch in HD 1080p and have a great week Pretty Faces!!!



3 thoughts on “All About The Red Lip|W/Coordinating YouTube Video!!!

  1. Rustic beauty says:

    I can totally understand the frustration, although I haven’t started youtubeing yet , keeping up with the rest of social media can be quite handful.

    Very informative post n video.

    Loved bobbi brown pansy 😍 , its one gorgeous shade !!

    Keep it up !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • missmilabilasprettyfaces says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the comment, I really appreciate it:) Yes, social media is a little overwhelming at times for me:) I guess the key is to just keep going lol:) I hope you are having a great start to your week and thanks again for checking out my post!!!!


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