Golden Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial| YouTube Video!!!

Hello Pretty Faces!!! Yep you guessed it, I am back with another video. Practice makes perfect right:) I must say it is extremely hard to apply your makeup with a small makeup mirror in front of a camera lol:), I had no idea how hard this would be. Know one could have told me it was this difficult. I am used to applying my makeup in front of a big mirror in my bathroom, so this has been a huge eye opener to say the least. I have mad props for those girls on YouTube that have this down to a science. I hope to one day be where they are. But with each video I am getting better and better. I hope you enjoy this look. I kept it simple and only used three eyeshadows. If you do watch, I want to thank you in advance, I really appreciate it, and if you happen to like what you see I would love for you to SUBSCRIBE and be a part of my YT family:) Enjoy!!! and until next time Pretty Faces… Have a Great Weekend!!! Please don’t forget to watch in HD (1080p).


9 thoughts on “Golden Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial| YouTube Video!!!

      • Veena says:

        I guess it is just a matter of time. Just be consistent and don’t give up. I have around 40 subscribers only lol and that too friends and family only! If that makes you feel better i got my first ever subscriber today and i was like, What!!!!!😱
        Because I know I’m not consistent there,i only upload video when I feel the need which I can’t do in writing. Though I’m trying to improve.

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      • missmilabilasprettyfaces says:

        I know the feeling lol, that is exactly what I say when I get a view or subscriber…”What” lol. I will have to contact you because I have some questions on what makeup I can use for my very dry sensitive skin. Lately everything has been irritating it, including my Cerave cleanser. I will definitely have to contact you:)

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