Purple & Pumpkin Spice/ YouTube Video!!!

Hello Pretty Faces!!! I have my second makeup tutorial on YouTube, and lets just say natural lighting is brutal:) Someone please give me a diva light ring ASAP lol!!! But with all that said, I think the eyeshadows came out looking very well and I was actually pleased with the entire look:) It is a look I posted here on my blog a while back, so if you would like to see it in it’s full non-natural light beautiful glory, then please scroll down…really scroll down, I urge you to do so lol!!!  That way you can see what I see when I look in the mirror. Man I tell ya that natural lighting is no friend of mine:) but for being in my mid to late 30’s (we won’t disclose exactly how old Haha) I think I look pretty dam good:) Well, I think that’s enough rambling Pretty Faces, I hope you enjoy the tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it. Until next time… Have a great weekend!!!! Please Don’t Forget To Watch In HD (1080p).


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