Bronzed Goddess!!!

Well, I am by no means a Bronzed Goddess, but I thought the name was very catchy lol! Today’s look is all about bronzing. I really don’t bronze, because I feel like I’m already bronzed:), if that makes any sense (hence my skin tone), but I do like to use bronzer for blush, eyeshadow, and to add slight color to my temples and nose. So I guess you could say I do a slight bronze!!! Anyway, this look was inspired by Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Deluxe Edition. As I walking down the makeup aisle at Walmart, yes I know dare I say it I shop for most of my drug store makeup at Walmart (their beauty products are significantly cheaper than Ulta and Target), this golden shimmery bronzer caught my attention. I stopped right in my tracks to look and see what this beautiful glowy package had to offer, and yes because I love all things that shimmer and glow I had to buy it. I must say this bronzer does everything it claims. It gave my skin a perfecting airbrushed glow, that was streak free, stain free, had no orange coloration, and odor free. I could not stop looking at my glow all day. I absolutely love this bronzer and will definitely be re-purchasing this product. If you are in the market for a reasonably priced bronzer that will also give you a lovely glow, then I highly suggest looking into this bronzer. Here is my look using the product. Hope you enjoy Pretty Faces!!!



6 thoughts on “Bronzed Goddess!!!

  1. Veena says:

    Been seeing that bronzer everywhere and guess what I’m not a bronzer person as I also feel I’m bronzed already hahaha. But when I put on makeup full fledged like with full coverage foundation, I feel the need to do so. But rarely

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    • missmilabilasprettyfaces says:

      I love that Bronzer:) Unfortunately, it started to give me little red itchy bumps on my cheeks, when I would wear it on a consistent basis): So now I can only wear it on special occasions, but I love the glow it gives…it is to die for lol:) But my skin being soooo sensitive just can’t take it everyday.


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