New Year/New Beginnings

Hello Pretty Faces!!! Long time no see:) It’s a new year which means new beginnings. For a while now I have put a great deal of emphasis into my YouTube Channel, and unfortunately unsuccessfully. Now, YouTube has implemented new Policies and stricter rules for small YouTube creators; making it even harder to promote one’s channel effectively. Therefore, I decided to say goodbye to my channel. YouTube, was my life I put so much of myself into my channel, it was not only my hobby but my outlet and relief from everyday struggles. It was extremely hard to let go of my channel and YouTube. I just couldn’t let go completely and decided, hey, it’s a new year and that means a fresh new start. So, I in turn decided to start fresh, with a new YouTube channel that contains more specific content that I am interested in; such as daily vlogs and hauls. I hope that this new start will allow me to attract the audience that I have been previously trying to reach for 2 years and share my loves with that audience. I also want to be more proactive on my blog. I will continue to use my blog for makeup tutorials and makeup hauls, fashion lookbooks, monthly subscriptions, and handbag show n tells and reviews. I guess it’s like they say…New Year New Me!!! I hope that if there is something here on the blog that interest you, you will follow missmilabilasprettyfaces. I would love to have you as part of my team!!! Below you will also find a link to my new YouTube channel and my first video:) Thanks so much for stopping by and I will see you all in my next post. Here is a sneak peek:) It’s all about the Lip Monthly!

LipMonthlyPicJanuary2018 New YouTube Channel (A Rose Colored View)

New Video Post (Disney World Vacation Day 1) link is below…


Disney World Vacation Day 1




Embellished Denim LookBook!|& YouTube Video

Hello Pretty Faces!!! Happy New Year to you all:) This is my first post of the new year, and to be honest my first post in quite some time lol. It’s good to back on the blog! I was browsing through my People (Style Watch) Magazine, and happen to stumble across one of the new trends for 2016, Embellished Denim! I was quite surprised to see this as the trend was popular a few years back 1999-2000, and quickly went out of style. By the time I purchased my denim the trend was over): But thankfully, it is back and in full force. So I quickly ran to my storage an pulled some of my fav embellished denim jeans and said to myself, Its Time For A LookBook!!!

I have always been about sparkle and bling, so this was the perfect chance for me to showcase my favorite style; Bling, Bling, and more Bling lol! Whether it’s beads, gems, crystal, pearls, or a combination of any those details, I am all for it. So without further ado, here is my LookBook with accompanying YouTube Video. I hope you enjoy:)

EmbellishedDenimBlog2EmbellishedDenimBlog4EmbellishedDenimBlog3Embellished DenimBlog1



Super Easy Fall Makeup Tutorial| Copper Smokey Eye!!!

Hello Pretty Faces, Yes it has been a long time since my last post:) I have been swamped with work from my new job, but hopefully this will allow me to put more money into my passion, which is doing makeup looks and reviews as well as fashion. It has been quite challenging to do this blog and my YouTube channel without the proper funds. The world of blogging and YouTube have set the standards so high that to start out as a newbie now a days you have to have all the latest technology. Such as, cameras, studio lighting, editing systems and in addition to that you need all the latest makeup and fashion just to get somewhat noticed. So I have been MIA for while. I don’t think a lot people realize how much work goes into making blog post and YouTube videos. It can be very time consuming with very little pay back. I have mad props for those who do it everyday and do it well!!!

With all that said, I will now get back to what my post is really about lol:) I created a fall look using only three colors from one of all time favorite palettes, the Too Faced A La Mode St. Tropez. I tend to lean towards really simple but yet still eye popping looks!!! I hope you enjoy this video, if you do then I would love for you to be a part of my YT family, so PLEASE SUBCSRIBE:) Thank you in advance if you do watch and Have a Great Day!!!

Retro/Pinup Girl Look!!! | With Coordinating YouTube Video:)

Hello Pretty Faces:) It has been a minute since I posted, I have been working my butt off on my non-existing YouTube channel lol. It’s a good thing I enjoy making and editing videos:) Today I have one of my favorite beauty inspirations…..none other than Idda Van Munster!!!!! I absolutely love the retro era and the pinup girl look. So I decided to create my own pinup look with Idda as my inspiration. Basically all you need is a lot of black eyeliner and a red or pink lip lol! I think that’s one of reasons I like the makeup of this time period, because it is fairly simple yet it makes such a bold statement! Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy. Please check out my video as well if you would like and as always don’t forget to watch in HD 1080p. Have a Great Weekend!!!


All About The Red Lip|W/Coordinating YouTube Video!!!

Well we meet again Pretty Faces:) I must say this blog and the YouTube business can be truly frustrating. It’s a lot of work that goes into the process, with very little pay off:( Well for me anyway lol. But I’m going keep it going and give it my best. Today’s post is all about finding the right red lipstick or lip gloss for your skin tone. I myself have had a difficult time with this in the past. Nudes and Reds, seem to be the hardest:) I go into much more detail in my video, but to just kinda sum it up, it really boils down to if you have warm or cool skin tones; and then going a step further to find out what your skin undertone is, yellow, red, and blue are just a few examples. I explain how this can be done in the video, so definitely check it out. I am warm tone, and have picked some red lipsticks and glosses to share that I have found fit me well. They range from light orange reds to pink reds to reds with brown undertones. I have photos of all the colors below. They don’t come out as well in picture as they do in person. So make sure to watch the video for a better look see:) I hope you enjoy the video. Don’t forget to watch in HD 1080p and have a great week Pretty Faces!!!


Fashion Faves: Spring 2016 Bally Menswear Preview – Revenge of the…

I just had to share this bloggers fine work!!! Yes, he is my brother, but with that said he is one of the best writers I know. He just has a way with words that is magical. Each post he does is incredible, well written, very informative, makes you laugh, keeps you intrigued, and most importantly always wanting more!!! He should definitely have more subscribers, so big sis is here to help him out) His advice and fashion sense is on point. PLEASE CHECK OUT HIS BLOG, I GUARANTEE YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED:) Mr. James’s, THE GENTLETMEN’S STYLE ACADEMY is where it is at, you will be coming back for more!!!!

The Gentlemen's Style Academy

Admit it.  You know it’s true.  Everyone, no matter where they are in the world, has met one… or used to be one… or maybe, still is one?  No matter your race, ethnic background, gender, sex, sexual orientation or religion, they are present.  Some are the richest people in the world. Then there are those that have made it possible for us humans to see Pluto, in all its dwarf planet glory, up close and personal.  Others still, have ended up on the wrong side of the tracks or may be plotting to overrun the world… or both.

However, this doesn’t make them any less annoying or any less capable of creating excruciatingly cringe-worthy socially awkward situations.  Yes, you all know who I’m talking about. Everyone  has encountered… A NERD!!!

Nerds.  The mere mention of the word conjures up all kinds of images of fashionably challenged, irritatingly smart oddball individuals who would much rather…

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Golden Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial| YouTube Video!!!

Hello Pretty Faces!!! Yep you guessed it, I am back with another video. Practice makes perfect right:) I must say it is extremely hard to apply your makeup with a small makeup mirror in front of a camera lol:), I had no idea how hard this would be. Know one could have told me it was this difficult. I am used to applying my makeup in front of a big mirror in my bathroom, so this has been a huge eye opener to say the least. I have mad props for those girls on YouTube that have this down to a science. I hope to one day be where they are. But with each video I am getting better and better. I hope you enjoy this look. I kept it simple and only used three eyeshadows. If you do watch, I want to thank you in advance, I really appreciate it, and if you happen to like what you see I would love for you to SUBSCRIBE and be a part of my YT family:) Enjoy!!! and until next time Pretty Faces… Have a Great Weekend!!! Please don’t forget to watch in HD (1080p).